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These are the concerns facing everyday Texans today.

Stand with Jeffrey Payne and Rise4Texas!

  • Texas Public Policy

    We have been abandoned by our current administration and Texans are suffering for it. Sam Houston once said, “A leader is someone who helps improve the lives of other people or improve the system they live under.” By that definition, we haven’t had leaders for some time. As a result, we have Texans who are homeless, Texans living in deplorable levels of poverty, Texans suffering from all forms of illness and dying from lack of affordable healthcare, Texans suffering from not being paid enough for their labor, and Texans penniless after a lifetime of work. This must stop. Our values as Texans are integrity, honesty, freedom, and independence. And to live them, we have to have a foundation of compassion for one another where we responsibly invest our time and money in well-designed programs. It’s time to come together and make us the Great State of Texas expressing True Texas Values.

  • Public Education

    The education of our children needs to be in the hands of our professional educators and their parents. Accountability of what is being taught and how – is paramount, but not with the current state mandated testing system and not with a voucher program. We are failing our children. It’s time to go back to the drawing board.

  • School & Infrastructure Finance

    The school finance system currently in place in Texas needs a complete overhaul, as does the funding of transportation, the overly complex margins tax, and the overtaxing of small Texas businesses and homeowners. We will create a better balance in funding.

  • Balanced Budget

    Artificially inflated profits as reported in financial statements is known as voodoo accounting and that’s what’s happening in our state today. This makes our budget look balanced. In reality, we are over $40 billion dollars in debt. If we want to understand the real cost of doing business in Texas, best practices in accounting must be implemented. As Texans, we need that transparency and we deserve to know what is really happening with our money.

  • Living Wage, Health Care, and Income Equality

    We all seek quality of life, regardless of how much money we make or have in savings. Economic opportunities and security for Texas citizens is economic growth for Texas. Livable wages, affordable healthcare, and a safeguarded retirement for every Texan can be obtained through healthy legislation on education, a fair tax system, and responsible labor practices, which include welcoming and working with labor unions. It’s time for Texas to grow again.

  • Women’s Health

    The health of Texas women is suffering. The decisions about their bodies should be up to them and I will fight for that right every step of the way. Where we should focus our energy is in increasing women’s health programs that promote sex education, contraception, and adoption services. I believe this is how we can reduce abortions and restore the rights Texas women have lost under our current administration.

  • Diversity and Inclusiveness

    All Texans are equal and should be treated as such in our society and under the law. Legislation cannot discriminate against any Texan regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion, age, or appearance.

  • Immigration

    Many of our ancestors came to Texas looking for a better life. That practice hasn’t stopped, but major reform on how we handle it is needed. We need policies that allow opportunities for citizenship and visiting worker options that are effectively administered. We have undocumented immigrants. Let’s get them into our citizenry and paying taxes. And local law enforcement doesn’t need state government hindering its ability to protect Texans.

  • Border Security

    Border security is important. Policies should keep its implementation practical as well as ethical and organized between all agencies involved. We should also have policies that support a healthy trade relationship between us and Mexico as it would greatly benefit us both.

  • Environment & Climate Change

    The Great State of Texas is the second largest land mass in the United States. I want to maintain its health and beauty for our future generations. Which means businesses in Texas must adopt sustainable business practices and behave in a socially responsible manner. Moving away from non-renewable resources to cleaner, renewable resources should be a technological focus of this state.

  • Second Amendment Rights

    The Second Amendment is a right protected by the US Constitution and I uphold and support that whole heartedly. As Texans, we need to design policies regarding the education and promotion of gun safety.

  • Preserving Democracy

    The word democracy, when broken down to its Greek roots, means ‘the rule of the people.’ And to me, that’s what Texas should be. On equal footing, the voices of the poor and the rich should be heard. The poll tax has come and gone. I will only support legislation that maintains every citizens’ ability to vote in a safe and simple process.

  • Redistricting

    Gerrymandering is a poison in our political process that has caused increased corruption in both Texas and the United States. With today’s technological advances, I believe our districts should be designed by an independent group, with no ties to government, using software to create the districts.

  • Campaign Finance Reform

    Democracy is an idea that has been met with severe corruption in the form of campaign finance law. Special interest groups have no real monetary limitations and it’s the groups with the most money that get what they want. This isn’t democracy at all. This has to change. Contributions have to be limited and all financial practices should be transparent and public.


@Jeffrey4Texas, Jeffrey Payne on Facebook @Jeffrey4Texas, Jeffrey Payne on Twitter. @Jeffrey4Texas, Jeffrey Payne on Instagram.

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"Political advertisement paid for by Jeffrey 4 Texas

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